Packing Techniques

Packing Techniques: How to Pack Your Winter Clothes for Tidy Downsizing

May 30, 2023

Written by Leslie Raycraft

Packing Techniques: How to Pack Your Winter Clothes for Tidy Downsizing

For every lifestyle, there is a home of the right size. Many people like to minimize after realizing their life has expanded beyond their preferred routine. And one of the things you find yourself doing, whether minimizing or downsizing, is packing up bulky personal belongings. Few things are bulkier than winter clothes. Here’s where the right packing techniques come into play.

Sweaters, socks, heavy pants, and good coats; winter clothes are hard to bundle and can take up a lot of space. If you’re packing your winter clothes to move to a smaller space, we have a few clever organizational tips to share.

Packing Techniques: Long-Term vs Fast-Unpack Boxes

If you are moving somewhere warm, consider keeping your favorite casual sweaters available for easy retrieval. As for your winter clothes, either pack them for storage or even consider offloading the cold weather gear before you go. Moving is expensive, so the more you can let go, the lower the cost and the quicker you can get set up in your new home.

However, if you are headed somewhere already snowing, pack your winter clothes in accessible and visible boxes so that you can reach your sweaters quickly when you need them. We love clear-panel cloth cubes that zip closed for easy sorting and access. You can stack them in moving boxes, then easily unload your winter clothes into closet shelves at your new location.

Use the Right Size Box

Winter clothes packed for moving should be folded into a box of the right size. Heavy winter clothes need to be confined in smaller boxes, while fluffy winter coats and comforters can pack in large boxes with pillows and other fluffy bedding.

Large Box: Puffy jackets Medium Box: Sweaters and winter clothes Small Box: Dense winter gear

Tightly Fold, Roll, and Bind

One of the best tricks in the book is how to tightly pack puffy and springy winter clothing. Winter clothes tend to be springy, from puffy jackets to knit sweaters. You can pack more efficiently if you compress the pile. Do this first by tightly folding each jacket and sweater by crossing the arms and folding in halves or thirds until you get a rectangle. Larger or thinner items can then be rolled even tighter. Use vacuum packing or binding with hair ties to keep your winter clothes compressed.

Bundle Winter Sets Together

Winter sets you to wear together, like a matching hat and gloves or snowsuit set, should be rolled up and packed together so they are easy to find together later on. Pack your favorite holiday sweaters near the matching socks. Make sure your scarves and gloves wind up in the same place for quick retrieval later. Pack your winter outerwear separately.

Use Winter Clothes as Packing Materials

Lastly, don’t forget that you can save on packing materials by using a few sweaters and sweatpants to do the job. You can wrap dishes, collections, and electronics in winter clothes to provide padding without the need for bubble wrap or packing paper. This saves space on packing separate boxes for winter clothes and saves money/materials on packing disposables.

Winter clothes make a great substitute for packing peanuts, packing paper, and bubble wrap for these reasons.

Tidy Your Winter Clothes for a Cozy Downsizing

Downsizing is the opportune time to rethink how you store your supplies and clothing that you don’t use much. We think outside the box on how to redesign your spaces, making the most out of them. Think about the best packing techniques, we have them!

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Leslie Raycraft