Woman sorts her wardrobe, segregating them to boxes labeled discard, donate and keep.

How to Declutter Your Home in One Weekend

March 4, 2024

Written by Leslie Raycraft


Is your house crammed? Do you have moments when you trip over something and wonder, “Did I even buy that?” Well, you can reclaim your living space this weekend. Let’s get to it and find out how.


Okay, I get it. “Decluttering [https://poshorganizing.com/7-ways-to-get-organized-even-if-you-hate-organizing/]” may not sound super exciting. But the benefits are rewarding. Getting rid of the excess can:

Lower Stress Levels

Clutter isn’t only visual noise – it sends subconscious signals of undone tasks to our brains, contributing to anxiety. A tidy setting allows for mental clarity and a sense of peace.

Make Your Home More Beautiful

No more tripping over things or feeling mortified when guests drop by. Just as weeding a garden allows flowers to flourish, decluttering reveals the hidden beauty of your home, giving your personal style room to shine.

Increase Productivity

We waste a surprising amount of time looking for misplaced stuff. Think of searching for a missing item in a messy room vs. finding it in a tidy one. When everything has its place, distractions evaporate, giving you back precious time.


Ready to make a change? Here’s your battle plan:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

Get large trash bags (biodegradable is excellent!), boxes or bins for donations, and separate ones for recycling.

Step 2: Sort Your Belongings into Piles.

Start with an easy ‘win’ like old magazines, expired foods, or mismatched socks to build momentum. This part is for big decisions :

  • Trash: Is it broken or damaged beyond repair? Toss it.
  • Recycle: Follow local guidelines and get this stuff out of your space.
  • Donation: It is in good condition, but you don’t use it. Find a new home.
  • Keep: It serves a purpose or sparks joy for you.

Step 3: Declutter One Room at a Time.

You don’t have to do it all at once. Start easy — bathroom, guest room, and then build to the harder ones. Focus on completing one room before moving to the next for greater satisfaction.

Step 4: Be Ruthless

The one-year rule is your friend: It has been a year since I’ve used it. Out it goes (with exceptions for seasonal items [https://poshorganizing.com/packing-techniques-how-to-pack-your-winter-clothes-for-tidy-downsizing/], of course). Try taking a photo of sentimental items – you can preserve the memory without keeping the item itself.

Step 5: Find a Home for Everything You Keep.

This step prevents future clutter. Designate spots for everyday items, create “zones” (for example, a zone for kids’ toys or hobby supplies) for similar items, and you’ll never scramble to find anything again.


Here are some extra ideas to make this even easier:

  • Set a timer. 20-30-minute work bursts with short breaks keep you focused and energized.
  • Stay calm. Decluttering is a process. Be kind to yourself. If necessary, tackle one drawer or cabinet versus an entire room.
  • Ask for help. Sometimes, that tricky love question of “Do you ever actually wear this?” is best for a supportive friend or family member. You can even make it fun by trading decluttering help with a friend to tackle both projects.
  • Treat yourself. Plan something fun. Don’t wait for the “big goal” to be done before you reward yourself. Small acts of kindness toward yourself go a long way. Take a walk, go to the movies with a friend, watch your favorite show, or whatever motivates you to focus on your ultimate goal.

Feeling the declutter fire? Awesome. Don’t just read about it; free yourself from this weekend’s stress. Put these tips to work and get back to loving your home again.

Are you tired of the chaos? Posh Organizing can help. Book a free consultation [https://poshorganizing.com/contact-us/] today and see how we can get you organized and clutter-free!

Leslie Raycraft