Transitioning Kids’ Room

Transitioning Kids’ Room as They Move From Home

October 10, 2023

Written by Leslie Raycraft

All birds must leave the nest eventually. It may be a cliche phrase, but it is a fact of life. Kids grow up and leave home. However, as they go, you may find yourself at a unique crossroads of emotion and opportunity. One milestone in this transition is taking the space once occupied by your children and transforming it into a personal sanctuary that reflects this newfound stage of your life. The process of transitioning your kids’ room offers a chance for self-discovery, and rejuvenation, as well as the creation of a space that truly nurtures the individual needs and passions of empty nesters.

Here are five creative and practical ideas to help you start transitioning your kids’ room into a personalized oasis. 

1. Exercise Haven

Reclaiming your time is a significant part of adjusting to the empty nest period. You may decide that you want to dedicate a portion of that time to your physical health. However, if you would prefer not to go to a gym or studio, you can turn your extra room into a space for improving or maintaining your body. 

Purchasing fitness equipment can be a better long-term investment than paying for a monthly gym membership. If you plan on running, a treadmill makes a great addition to your home. For a simple yoga studio, you can easily add floor-length mirrors and mats with a quality exercise ball. Alternatively, a weight set, bench, elliptical machine, or recumbent bike can transform your empty nest into a fitness paradise. 

2. Comfort Nook

A major secret to maintaining your health involves properly unwinding from the stresses of daily life. For working individuals, having the space to simply exist in peace is paramount. In fact, your children moving out presents a great opportunity to create that space in your home. 

Designate an area in the room for soft blankets and cushions on which to recline. Incense holders will provide the ability to introduce some aromatherapy to your relaxation sessions. Be sure to paint the room with colors that help put your mind and spirit at ease to help complete the transformation.

3. A Reading Space

If you have an ever-growing pile of books that you swear you’ll eventually read, gaining an extra room gives you the chance to make a space to get lost in fictional worlds or absorb new information. A reading nook can be as simple as a comfortable chair in a quiet room, or it can be a library complete with wall-to-wall bookshelves.

The most important thing about transitioning your kids’ room into a reading nook is to ensure you have adequate lighting. A room with plenty of windows to let in the sun is best, but there are lamps that can generate similar conditions. No matter how you illuminate your reading space, do whatever you can to avoid straining your eyes. 

4. A Personal Office

If you have a job that requires you to work outside of a physical location, an at-home office gives you the opportunity to get things done on your own time. Perhaps you need extra computer space. Or, maybe you need an area where you can store important documents and files. 

Your home office should be a place that inspires as much productivity as possible while supporting your needs and comfort. Make sure you choose the best chair to maintain a good posture, set your room’s temperature to an appropriate level, and keep the area well-lit and ventilated, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time there.

5. A Craft Room

Are you a crafter and have always dreamed of having a room dedicated to your hobby? Now is your chance to start transitioning your kids’ room into that happy space! Paint the room a color that reflects the artistic you! Hang artwork that brings you joy. Do you want a big bulletin board to hang inspirational ideas? It’s exciting to be able to keep your project out to work on it whenever you have time and not have to pack it up!

Before you start, think about how you want the space to function. What kind of storage makes the most sense for your supplies and your creative process? Do you want everything visually accessible or do you prefer to have your supplies in cabinets and drawers? Maybe it’s a combination of both.

Transform Your Empty Nest To Your Heart’s Desire

As you embark on this transformative journey of transitioning your kids’ room, it’s vital to embrace the newfound freedom and possibilities that lie ahead. This process is not merely about redecorating a space but about reclaiming your individuality and nurturing personal growth. Whether the room becomes a tranquil reading nook, a craft room, or a cozy meditation space, the possibilities are endless.

This transition marks an exciting new chapter in life, where the once bustling room becomes a reflection of the remarkable journey taken as parents and the limitless potential that lies ahead. And if you want someone to help you walk that path, get in touch with POSH Organizing. We can work with you to create your perfect sanctuary.

Leslie Raycraft