Tips for Organizing After Downsizing Your Home

Professional Organizer Hacks: 6 Tips for Organizing After Downsizing Your Home

May 29, 2023

Written by Leslie Raycraft

Downsizing is a practical choice for most seniors. Of course, a lifetime of accumulation can be challenging to organize into a smaller space. As a professional organizer, I know all about the challenges of making a cozy and efficient small space. I’ve helped many seniors downsize elegantly. Keeping their active living space charming and simple while providing access to everything they need.

Here are some of my best tips for organizing after downsizing your home.

1) Decide What to Display and What to Put Away

The first step is to decide which decorative keepsakes. For example, heirlooms and art pieces you want on display in your home. Also, which to tuck away for later. In a smaller space, you have fewer walls and surfaces for display. But also, it’s an opportunity to create a hand-crafted environment for yourself and your visitors.

Choose your favorite wall pieces, shelf displays, and tabletop decor to place one or two pieces per surface. Then put the rest away. You can always redesign it later to display your artwork in rotation.

2) Create an Easy-Access Storage Area

Seniors benefit considerably from more accessible storage. You can turn large storage shelves into drawer systems that are much easier to handle than totes or crates. You can also store lightweight and occasional items on higher shelves to be retrieved safely by relatives and more regularly used storage at a more senior-accessible level. You can even use spinning storage racks to better use deep, hard-to-access corner storage.

3) Improve Accessible Storage with Extra Shelves & Organizers

For areas like your pantry and linen closet, the best organization comes from separating your storage space into different compartments. Deep drawers and large shelves can be challenging to organize, but with organizing bins, you can stack far more items while everything remains easy to see and retrieve.

Using a compartment system, you can pack your linen closet with holiday and guest linens and stack your pantry with your loved one’s favorite snacks without creating a ‘rummage’ situation that is hard on your back.

4) Implement Decorative Storage Options

Implement multifunctional pieces – things that bring beauty to your new space but are also functional as storage. A few cabinets with attractive doors or decorative cube/basket storage can turn one wall of your living room or bedroom into more storage. At the same time, this design will add charm and detail to your new downsized home with easy access to the things you might want to retrieve and put away regularly.

Decorative containers are a great way to create accessible storage all around the house without taking up extra space. When storage is disguised as furniture and decor, you keep a tidy floor plan without minimizing the items in use around the house.

5) Regularly Reassessment and Declutter

Regularly reassessing and decluttering is essential for seniors and those who have recently downsized their homes to maintain an organized and clutter-free living space. This can help free up space and reduce clutter, making navigating and finding what we need easier. It’s crucial to make decluttering a regular habit to prevent chaos from accumulating again and keep our living area organized.

6) Hire a Professional Organizer

One of the best gifts you can give yourself after downsizing is the assistance of a professional organizer. In our profession, an artistic eye and flair for storage can make a downsized design an opportunity for delightfully efficient and cozy living. As an organizer, I will help you choose just the right ways to make storage inside your home accessible and aesthetically pleasing while creating storage solutions for items that you rarely need to retrieve.

Are you a senior who has recently downsized?
Contact me today to explore your organizational options for creating a cozy home with everything you need within easy, comfortable reach.

Leslie Raycraft