5 Reasons to Hire a Home Organizer

Professional Organizer: Five Reasons to Hire a Home Organizer

May 5, 2023

Written by Leslie Raycraft

Professional Organizer: Five Reasons to Hire a Home Organizer

Is your home cluttered? Are you overwhelmed, not knowing where to start? Do you have more stuff than storage space? If so, you should consider hiring a professional organizer.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional organizer to make your space more livable:

Clutter Impacts Mental Health

Some people like a lot of clutter. However, for most of us, clutter is bad for our mental health. Clearing the clutter clears your mind.

Clutter not only takes up physical space, but it also takes up our mental space. It causes feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. These can lead to unhealthy choices, such as poor eating and sleeping habits. And we are not talking “hoarder” levels of clutter here, but simply the accumulation of too much stuff.

Controlling the external clutter helps reduce the internal clutter, lowers our stress, and frees our minds from anxiety.

A professional organizer can help you process your stuff. An organizer asks the questions you need to hear to think about what is important. The space in your home is valuable and should be used for the things most important to you.

Clutter Distracts Us

Clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from the things we need to focus on. It bombards our minds with excessive stimuli.

This can even distract us from what we need to do to deal with the clutter, causing it to build up until we become overwhelmed, and the task of dealing with the clutter is one we seek to avoid.

Disorganization Affects Productivity

If you have to look for the item you need, you are not getting things done. This is particularly the case for offices and home offices, but it can also affect kitchens and any space where you need to do things.

Over 10 years, we wasted about six weeks looking for things. Imagine what you can accomplish in six weeks of free time! A professional organizer can help you create systems that help maintain your items in an organized manner. Imagine not wasting time looking for things or buying duplicates because you can’t find the item. We do a lot with paperwork, helping you work on how it comes into your house, where it goes, and how it leaves. No more late fees or finance charges. You will get your bills paid on time with a personalized organizing system that works for you.

Professional Organizers Can Help You Work Through Sentimental Items

Letting go of sentimental items is tough! We all become emotionally attached to things. Decluttering is like an onion peeling off the layers. We do the easy stuff first, but as we build our “decluttering muscle,” we can start working on items that are harder to deal with. Having a trained professional organizer is key. Besides being non-judgmental, we help keep you on track, get you thinking about why you need to keep the item and avoid the rabbit holes that may take you down a sentimental path. This is particularly important if you are sorting through an estate and dividing up possessions.

Another thing a trained professional organizer can do is help you see if something is worth selling or donating. They aren’t appraisers but can sense whether an item is worth something. They also have the resources to connect with if you want to sell.

Professional Organizers Help You Navigate Through Life Transitions

Clutter bogs us down and slows us down. When we have too much clutter, the inherent transitions in our lives, like moving, getting married, and having a child, become massive sources of stress. A professional organizer can help you through those changes in your life, whether expected or unexpected. They can help you with your possessions to figure out what you no longer need, allowing you to make space for the important things.

Hiring a professional organizer will help you get organized and stay that way. If you have overwhelming clutter to deal with, have become an empty nester looking to reclaim the space, or are clearing out an estate, contact POSH Organizing today or call me at 800-830-8478. I am a certified professional organizer (CPO) focusing on residential organizing. I have specialized training enabling me to work with clients who are Chronically Disorganized as well as those affected by Hoarding Disorder. Life’s transitions are hard; we make them easy!

Leslie Raycraft