She was fantastic in the ways she talked me through my decision-making.

If anyone is looking for a Certified Professional Organizer, I can HIGHLY recommend, Posh Organizing!!! Who knew there was such a thing as a, “Certified Professional Organizer,” but there is! Leslie D. Raycraft is one of only seven in our state that is certified in organizing. I hired Leslie and her assistants to help me get my house cleaned out, and it was such a great decision! With over 30 years of stuff to go through, the task was too big to tackle by myself!!! Sure, you could have a friend or even family help you, but then your “Keep” pile ends up getting bigger and bigger, due to the emotional attachment to things…at least that’s what happened with me!

To do it alone was overwhelming to say the least. Just knowing where or how to begin was difficult, but Leslie had no connection to any of it, and she was very helpful in helping ME make the final decision on whether to sell, donate, or throw away! If the item was something I was unsure about, it went to a separate section to which we went back to. She was fantastic in the ways she talked me through my decision making. Leslie was very compassionate, and supportive on the days that had more emotional meaning items that needed to be sorted through. We worked some long 8 hour days, and others were just a few hours, but she was very flexible with her schedule. The job was daunting to say the least, but Leslie and her assistant made the time fly right by, with so much accomplished! One of the best parts to hiring her was that once she left each time, everything went with her! She took care of getting it to the places it needed to go. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Leslie, and Posh Organizing. I highly recommend you reaching out to her, so she can help you too!